Matchstick games and puzzle's
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SPOOF game
Let's play with fire 🔥 Matchstick games

17 games & 14 puzzles
Guessing games • Agility games • Puzzles

One game is 1-4 players and expandable.
Each game more is up to 4 players more.
Content of the game:
- Keychain game bag. 55x65 mm, zipper + key ring
- 12 sticks 25x5 mm (black color and 4 sticks are marked)
- 12 heads (red color and removable)
- Pencil (mini)
- English game rules, puzzles and solutions. Printed two sided A4 and compact folded. Another language can be download on this website.

All games, rules, puzzles and manny more can be found on the game sheets.
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