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The World Spoofing Championships:
SPOOF game
Spoof rules
Two or more players. five minutes a player. Party Game.

Guess the total number of matchsticks in everybody's hand, Do not be the last one standing.

Set up
Every player will recieve three sticks.
How to Play: Every player will secretly choose to put 0, 1, 2 or 3 Sticks in his right hand and closes their fist. Every player will then hold their fist in the middle. Choose a start player. That player will try to guess how many sticks there are in total between all the players. Play will continue clockwise untill all players have guessed a number. Players can not guess the same numbers as other players. When everybody has made a guess, everyone will open their fist en count the total number of sticks. The player who guessed correctly will remove one of their sticks from the game. If this was you last stick you are out of the game. Play will continue untill there is only one player left. That player has lost the game and has to buy drinks for everybody.

Variant A: Fast and for kids: If you guessed right, all the other players will lose a stick, you win if you are the only player left with one or more sticks.

Variant B: Same as the regular game, but you win if you get rid of your sticks first.Tip for every game: Take notes who guessed what number, especially in large groups

Good luck!
SPOOF game rules